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Health, Safety & Environment

Health and Safety have always been a priority for AMA Group in all its operations and has been maintaining very high standards of performance in all its operations. AMA Group believes that a good Safety culture create value to our employees, clients, and society at large and enhance overall business process.

AMA Management provides strong, visible HSE leadership & commitment and ensures that this commitment is translated into the necessary recourses to develop, operate and to attain HSE policy objectives.

HSE management system is accredited with ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certificates and is based on continuous improvement and integrating HSE aspects in every business endeavor with a proactive approach.

The Group HSE department employs more than 50 qualified, trained & experienced expatriate and national (Bahrani) HSE professionals, responsible to ensure compliance monitoring and review all aspects of HSE covering entire organizational activities.

AMA Group has won many awards and accolades from its clients and international organizations for its high level of performance in Health and Safety. Some recent major HSE milestones:

  1. General Construction and Maintenance Services in Tatweer of PCD crossed 4 million safe manhours on 06th March 2021.

  2. Leasing Of Prime Movers with Driver’s in Alba project crossed One million Safe kilometers driven on 25th May 2021, after the last Accident recorded on 10th Dec 2020.

  3. Water transmission Development project 2009-2012 variation order works at Nabhi salah & Juffair ESR completed the project without any Lost Time Injury.

  4. Hidd Metering Station (HMS) modification work of PCD completed the Project without any LTI.

  5. BAPCO-JGC-EFPC Project of SMD achieved 1,000,00 Safe manhours on 01st Oct 2019 without any LTI.

  6. Certificate of appreciation was presented by TTSJV to AMA for contributing to achieving 17 million safe manhours without any LTI.

  7. BAPCO congratulated SMD for the contribution to the achievement of 1.2 million safe manhours in the BAPCO / JGC Project

  8. Building Material Sector crossed 2 million safe manhours without any LTI, after their last Lost time Injury recorded on Feb 2019.

  9. Al Dur Phase 2 project of Petrochemical Division completed without any LTI.

  10. Diyar al Muharaq Deerat Aloyoun project completed the project without any LTI and achieved 22.9 million safe manhours.

Our HSE milestones reflect the success of the company’s long-standing commitment to create a safe working environment and making safety first in the agenda in all areas of work.