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With eight production sites, most of which are within the Groups industrial complex near ALBA, AMA Building Materials is the leading manufacturer of high quality building materials.

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Middle East Blocks & Sand Factory

Manufactures and supplies a wide range of concrete blocks, paving bricks, road kerbs, slabs & Sand to the construction industry. All products comply with the highest international standards and supported by a full-fledged quality control and testing laboratory. All facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

AMA Reinforcement

With a capacity of up to 8000 tons per month AMA Reinforcement is the largest reinforcement production facility in Bahrain. Its modern equipment allows the capability to cater to larger volume contracts.

Middle East Crusher

The Crusher plant supplies a wide range of high quality aggregates and other crusher products. The products comprise various grades of aggregates; sub-base and dessert fill and modified sub-base materials. The crusher plant is the largest in Bahrain capable of producing in excess of 10,000 tons of graded products per day.

Middle East Ice and Sweet Water Plant

The Middle East Ice and Sweet water plant manufactures and supplies potable drinking water and is the major supplier of water and ice in Bahrain. It is supported by a laboratory equipped with the latest analytical instruments for testing and quality control. The water product complies with the World Health organization water quality guidelines and Government of Bahrain standards for un-bottled drinking water. The plant is fully ISO 9001 and HACCP registered.

AMA Scaffolding

This facility is the only one of its kind in Bahrain. Besides Bahrain the Division also serves the Saudi Arabian and the Qatar market by either selling new scaffolding equipment or hiring.