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AMA Group Announce Joint Venture With Alucor Limited

Nov 01,2016

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Ahmed Mansoor Al A'Ali Company BSC(c) and Alucor Limited are pleased to announce that they have agreed to establish and operate a new joint venture company in Bahrain to tender, secure and execute projects for the supply and installation of structural, mechanical and process equipment complete with electrical and instrumentation for the ALBA Line 6 Aluminium Smelter. The joint venture will operate under the name AMA ALUCOR and will be based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The joint venture company will capitalize on the strong presence of AMA in Bahrain with over 32,000 square meters of covered manufacturing facilities and 150,000 square meters of open storage area directly across the smelter site. In addition, the JV company will leverage the strong reputation that ALUCOR has developed in the industry as the leading provider for supply and installation services of smelter equipment to the global aluminium market. With a combined industry experience of over 80 years in equipment manufacturing and installation for smelters, the joint venture company is in a unique

position to provide its services to Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA), Bechtel Corporation and all major technology and equipment suppliers to the Project.


“This agreement is in line with our shared values and strong commitment to provide our clients with a single source of supply and installation services for smelter equipment that not only exceeds the highest quality and safety standards, but is also able to meet the demanding project schedule set by ALBA and Bechtel" commented Mr Ahmed Mansoor Al A’ali, Chairman of AMA. The company expects to be able to focus on several major components of the smelter including the supply and installation of potroom equipment such as cathode ring busbars and superstructures, gas treatment centers, paste plant, rodding shop, cast house, material storage and handling equipment including storage silos, mechanical conveyors, truck loading & unloading facilities and special purpose cranes.


“Managing the manufacturing, logistics and just in time delivery of critical components to the smelter are crucial for our customers in order to be able to maintain an efficient construction plan and achieve project milestones succesfully. With over 2,500 employees and large manufacturing facilities of the joint venture in close proximity to the smelter, we are confident that we can meet the most demanding client requirements and provide in-country value addition to the project” commented Mr Nimish Bhatia, Managing Director of Alucor. “Our successful involvement with EGA in the implementation of DX+ and DX+ Ultra pot technology at DUBAL & EMAL smelters over the past decade has put us in a unique position with ALBA Line 6 to leverage our experience and ensure timely project completion with a commitment to zero injury and to the highest environmental standards.”